Róisín Berg is a new media artist based in Limerick, Ireland. Their artistic practice considers the human lived experience in relation to the rapidly evolving technological environment in the current anthropocentric era. Drawing from concepts of existentialist philosophical enquiry, Berg’s artwork raises questions surrounding the human experience of technological media and its ability to transform, extend and displace our subjectivity. They work with hacked devices, sensors, audio, video, light and kinetics to stage philosophical engagements between viewers and a fragmented representation of reality, often through a combination of virtual and actual space.  Their work has been featured in a variety of different contexts, including galleries, corporate spaces, and music and arts festivals such as LightMoves Festival of Screen Dance and Electric Picnic.

Since 2016, Berg has pursued work as a creative media technologist and experiential designer for live events where they developed their expertise in stage design and the associated technologies, including projection mapping, audio engineering and lighting design. They are now a recent graduate of the MA in Art in Technology at the University of Limerick. Both their creative and academic careers have led them to be well equipped with the technical skillset to create interactive and reactive real-time systems through a process of experimentation. Throughout their artistic practice, Berg has sought out creatives from a range of different disciplines to collaborate with on various installation and performance pieces. As a result, they have developed a strong passion for interdisciplinary collaboration.

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