The Sunshroom

The Sunshroom

Created in collaboration with Walter Nied

Exhibited at Electric Picnic 2018, Knockanstockan 2018, All Together Now 2018 & 2019 and Body & Soul 2019

Media: Fibreglass, steel, cement, fabric, wood, PU foam, acrylic paint, LED lighting, custom software, custom hardware, solar panel


The Sunshroom is an open air light installation and sculpture that is powered by solar. Standing 3 meters tall, the large mushroom structure functions as a meeting point, as well as a place in which people can take shelter from the rain and shade from the sun. During the dark hours of the evening, a glimmering LED light show is revealed in the soft fabric spores above.

The construction consists of an inner steel frame that gets anchored to the ground via steel pegs while a concrete base provides a low centre of gravity.  Timber makes up the basic shape of the stem and cap of the mushroom, with foam and fabic adding an organic, curved outer form. The structure is coated in fibreglass for weather resitance and durability. The multicoloured LED lights are hidden within the cap and when lit, disperse an array of twinkling colours through shiny mesh fabric spores. Custom software controlls a slow pulsing of lighting colour and intensity.