Created in collaboration with Walter Nied

Exhibited as part of Light Moves Festival of Screendance 2017


Media: Projection on surface, video, custom software, custom hardware

Relapse is an audio/visual art installation that presents viewers with projections of their past selves juxtaposed with screendance in an unnerving audio/visual environment. This work ponders the fragility of privacy in today’s technologically engulfed world and highlights the connectivity between everyday motion and dance on film. The use of real-time video and audio in this interactive piece aims to draw viewers into their present moment in a heightened state of temporal awareness.


A computer monitor sits at the bottom of a staircase displaying a glitched version of its own webcam feed. As viewers approach this screen a distance sensor is triggered and a command is sent to a program written in Max Jitter to record a loop of the webcam feed. Upstairs, viewers are presented with a flickering screen displaying previously recorded loops that are randomly blended together. Moments from even further in the past are mixed in with these loops as pre-recorded footage of a woman dancing in the space are visible at times. A separate program written in Max MSP generates an aesthetically post-digital audio track that makes use of the audio taken in from the built in mic of the computer downstairs.