Presented at AWMAT Santa Barbara, CA 2019

Exhibited in the University of Limerick, 2018


Media: Projection, mirrors, threaded bar, wood, video, stereo audio, custom software

Fragments is a mixed-media installation that aims to present viewers with a displacement of space and time in an immersive audio-visual environment. It explores how a re-representation of time that disrupts linearity can affect one’s durational experience and examines how real-time video can be used as a medium for interactive art installation.

An external camera, placed in the centre of the room, takes in real-time footage and is sent through syphon software into a Max Jitter program. This program delays the real-time feed by different amounts. These differently delayed feeds, along with a real-time feed, are then sent into the application, Madmapper which was used to map the projections of each of the differently delayed feed on to each of the ten triangles of mirror which reflect the video feeds on to different parts of the gallery space. A soundscape is generated in real-time by Max MSP.