Exhibited at DAWN, University of Limerick 2019


Media: Projection, LCD panels, screen backlights, video, CCTV camera, custom software, custom hardware, wood, wire rope


A blacked-out, symmetrically arranged room is lit by detached screen backlights. An array of floating LCD panels faces down towards viewers. Projected videos of the room play in slow motion and fade in and out on the LCD panels. As the LCD panels darken, their specular properties are revealed, showing an immediate mirror image of that which is in front of them, encased in a dark void.

Displaced is an exploration of the reflective qualities of the screen as a material, from the gaze it both emanates and attracts to the peculiar aesthetic experience of mediated subjectivity. The installation makes use of closed-circuit video and screen technologies to create an aesthetic experience that evokes feelings of uncanny and alienation for the viewer when confronted with two versions of their own specular doubles: one that has been manipulated by a digital system and one that hasn’t.

Most of the materials used in this intallation have been salvaged, hacked and repurposed. The LCD panels that hang from wire rope have been taken out of old computer monitors. Most of the circuitry has been removed from them and a voltage is applied to a pin on each of them to fade their opacity. The camera used has been salvaged from an old CCTV system and its analog video stream has been taken into the computer program via a capture card. The lighting is made up of two flourescent tube backlights from old computer monitors.